Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks

1 Day

This course is designed to benefit existing users of Microsoft Word who wish to build on their knowledge, as well as learn shortcuts and quicker ways of working with documents.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of Word.


Courses are delivered in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

What will I learn?
Paragraph Formatting
  • - Provide solutions for common formatting issues such as numbered paragraphs not aligning; copy and pasting issues; inconsistent formatting throughout documents.
Use Leader Tabs
  • - Use Leader Tabs (instead of using the full stop!) for lines of text such as: Signed................. Date................. in order to have them aligned properly.
Use Tables to lay out and align documents
  • - Identify how Tables can be used to lay out and align documents. Tables are a great alternative to using Tabs which can sometimes be quite tricky to use.
Page Breaks and Section breaks
  • - Insert a Page Break to create a new page, rather than continuously pressing the Enter key.
  • - Using Portrait / Landscape within a document by using Section breaks. Section breaks can also be used for controlling where Headers and Footers are displayed.
Work with Pictures
  • - Insert pictures into a document along with moving, sizing and formatting them.
  • - Apply the options for Text Wrapping around pictures.
AutoText and AutoCorrect
  • - Create AutoCorrect and AutoText entries to create signatures, shortcuts, lines and store paragraphs of text that you may use on a regular basis.
Work with Comments combined with Track Changes
  • - Use Comments and Track Changes to communicate with colleagues.
Automatic Table of Contents
  • -Create a basic Table of Contents by the use of Styles.
Mail Merge
  • - Run a basic Mail Merge, to send the same letter or email to many different people.
  • - Use shortcut keys that can speed up working with Word documents.
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