Microsoft Word Report & Letter Writing

Microsoft Word Report & Letter Writing

1 Day

This course is designed to address the concepts needed to write a professional report. It covers the planning and structure process of how to gather information that is needed in the report. It will also demonstrate general layout and grammatical rules of report writing.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of Word.

You will need to bring at least two examples of work - this can be a letter, email or report to work on during the session.


Courses are delivered in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

What will I learn?
Report Writing
  • - Define the scope and purpose of the report/letter
  • - Plan objectives and prepare an outline
  • - Identify the readers' needs and select the appropriate letter tone
  • - Essential principles - create a clear message, keep a logical flow and set an appropriate paragraph/section order
  • - Link your recommendations to your findings
  • - Use appropriate headings and simplifying graphics
  • - A review of editing techniques and writing rules
  • - Correct grammar and punctuation
  • - Use Word features and functions to create an Effective Layout
  • - Refresh writing style and construct sentences and paragraphs.
Word Features covered:
  • - General Formatting
  • - Navigation Pane
  • - Styles - defining paragraph styles
  • - Insert a Table
  • - Header and Footer
  • - Insert Footnote/Endnotes
  • - Insert Section breaks
  • - Generate a Table of Contents and Index
  • - Maintain consistency
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