Microsoft Word Create a Mail Merge

Create a Mail Merge

90 Mins

Mail Merge is used to create a set of documents, such as a letter, mail shot or a form that is sent to many customers. Each document has the same kind of information, yet the content is unique. For example, in letters to your customers, each letter can be personalised to address each customer by name, and to add other unique information.

Required knowledge or experience:

This session is designed for users who are confident using Word to create letters, and tables.


Courses are delivered in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

What will I learn?
Learn how to:
  • - Create a Word and external source address list
  • - Create a mail merge letter or email
  • - Create a marketing / promotional style newsletter
  • - Create address labels and print single addresses on envelopes
  • - View and/or print the finished documents
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