Tips & Tricks

Windows Tip - Screen or Window Prints

Imagine there is something displayed on your screen that you would like to show someone else. Instead of trying to recall what was there, why not just take a copy of the screen image? That way, you can file or send them a file / email with the image attached. This process is commonly referred to as a “screen dump”

Screen Printing

  • When the relevant screen is displayed – press the Print Screen key on your keyboard (commonly to the top right of most keyboards) – nothing appears to happen initially.
  • Move to an application such as Word or Paint or maybe even open a new email.
  • Then, use Paste (Edit /Paste or Right click Paste) – an image of the entire screen will now appear in your new document.

Window/ Dialogue Box Printing

  • If you only wanted to show a dialogue box (as opposed to the entire screen) hold the ALT key down when you press the Print Screen button – the image then is taken of just the dialogue box.