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Word Tip – Quick Navigation

When working with large documents in Word, use a navigation tool that will help jump through your contents... 

Jump to headings styles, graphics, tables, footnote/endnotes, comments or equation diagrams.  If you need to check the flow of your titles, or the position of the graphics or tables in the document, use the Word Navigation feature to make it a quick and easy process to locate your contents.


  • Open the file you wish to navigate. Our example has Heading Styles 1 and 2 applied to the titles, with graphics and tables included



  • Switch on the Navigation Pane by selecting the View tab and then tick the Navigation Pane

  • The Navigation Pane will appear on the left of the screen

  • Click on Headings to view the titles in the document that have had Heading 1 and 2 applied to them. This effectively is the Table of Contents of your document.  Click on the heading in the Navigation Pane to jump to that heading in your document


  • Click on Pages to see thumbnails of each page in the document. Click on a thumbnail to jump to that page


  • Click the down arrow to the right of the Search document box, to see the options for searching for Graphics, Tables, Equations, Footnotes/Endnotes or Comments


  • We will search for the graphics in our example document. Select the down arrow in the Search Documents and select Graphics


  • The Results pane will show the outcome of whatever you are trying to find. For example, when you are looking for the images in your document you see the following


  • The Headings tab show the headings that have graphics under them and the Pages tab will show the pages that have a graphic on them in thumbnail format. You can click on the headings or the thumbnails to navigate through any of the Graphics, Tables, Equations, Footnotes/Endnotes or Comments that you are searching for


  • This Navigation Pane feature is hidden away in Word, but will aid you in quickly finding the content in your long document and therefore help in planning the structure and layout of your document immensely
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