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Word Tip - How do I? Customise Footnotes.

Have you wondered how to remove or change the separator line above a Footnote?  You may have existing lines or other formats within the document footer that clutter the end of the page area, so by removing the Footnote separator line will make it look less busy.  You can remove the Footnote separator line or change the line type and the colour.

This is how a Footnote looks at the end of a page by default in Word.


To remove or change the Footnote separator line

From the ribbon bar click the View tab, and select Draft from the Document Views group.

Within the document double-click the Footnote in the body of the document text or go back to the ribbon bar and choose the References tab and click Show Notes from the Footnotes group.

Footnotes Shownotes

At the bottom of the screen the Footnotes pane will appear showing the Footnote you selected.  Within the Footnotes pane, click on the Footnotes drop down arrow and choose Footnote Separator.

The Footnote separator line will be displayed, from here you can select the Footnote separator line and delete it, or to change the line style or colour choose options from the Home tab on the ribbon bar.

Once changes have been made to the Footnote separator line, return to the document by choosing View from the ribbon bar and select Page Layout.

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