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Word Tip - Bullets & Numbering Not Displaying Properly

When bullets and/or automatic numbering have been used within a document, sometimes you will find that an individual bullet or number looks different to the rest in the list - why is that? Here we solve this annoying little problem that can ordinarily be time consuming to fix...

In the following example you will notice how one of the bullet points is displayed in red and one of the numbers is bigger and in bold & italics:

One way to correct the above is do the following:

  • From the Home tab on the Ribbon, click the Show/Hide button:

Displayed at the end of each word are the hidden paragraph marks (these indicate where you have used the Enter key on the keyboard). It is these paragraph marks that control the formatting of the bullet points or numbering. Therefore, to get our bullet point and number to match the rest of the list, we need to reformat the paragraph marks:

To do this using our bullet point example:

  • Highlight the red paragraph mark only
  • Change the font colour to black

To do this using our numbering example:

  • As our no.3 has more than one format applied (larger font size, bold & italics) we could highlight the paragraph mark and then manually select from the Ribbon to reduce the font size, turn off bold and italic however, a quicker way would be to use the Format Painter:
  • Highlight one of the paragraph marks that is formatted correctly i.e. the paragraph mark after Germany
  • From the Home tab on the Ribbon click the Format Painter

  • You will see a little paint brush attached to your mouse cursor which allows you to highlight the paragraph mark that needs reformatting - simply click and drag over the paragraph mark after France and watch your number change automatically - magic!
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