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Word Tip – AutoCorrect Set Up

Last month we looked at a quick way to insert the Copyright ©, Trademark ™ or Registered ® symbols into a Word document.   Word’s AutoCorrect feature is responsible for transforming the characters into the correct symbols, but this clever feature has more to offer.  Here we look at what other time saving shortcuts it provides us with and how we can add to its library or amend the features that we do not want to use...

  • Firstly, the solution to not having the typing of ( c ), ( tm ),  or ( r ) change to the ©, ™ ® symbol automatically, is either to type (_c_) with the underscore “_” symbol shown here actually being a space


  • Or if you are happy not to ever use the feature again, it can be deleted from the AutoCorrect list in Word’s setup.  To do this:
    • Select the File tab in Word, then Options, followed by the Proofing option
    • Click on the AutoCorrect Options button, then on the AutoCorrect tab:

    • Locate the ©, ™ ® symbol in the Replace text as you type list, select an entry and click on the Delete button, repeat for any more symbols to be removed and finish with OK


  • You can add your own Replace text as you type entries, such as, your initials and have that replaced with your full name automatically in a document or you could use the company initials and then this will automatically change to the full company name.  To add your own AutoCorrect entries, do the following:
    • Select the File tab in Word, then Options, followed by the Proofing option
    • Click on the AutoCorrect Options button
    • In the AutoCorrect tab, click in the Replace: box and type an abbreviation for the text you want to replace as you type
    • Click in the With: box and type the full text to be inserted automatically.  Then click the Add button
    • In the example below, we have typed “TU” in the Replace: box and then TrainingU in the With: box.  When we enter “TU” in a Word Document it will be automatically be replaced by the full company name “TrainingU”:

  • You can add in as many Replace text as you type shortcuts as you like. Select Add after each entry and then OK to finish 

You will also notice many other AutoCorrect options displayed in the dialog box, such as Correct TWo INitial CAPitals and Capitalise first letter of sentences and you can choose to switch these on or off.  Words that you mistype regularly can be added here with the correct spelling, so they will change automatically as you mistype them!  

We think that this powerful Word feature is well worth spending some time looking at!

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