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Word Tip - Select Text Vertically

When you select a word, group of words or a paragraph in Word it highlights horizontally across the page. However, you may wish to select and edit text in a vertical list, here’s how to do it……

We will use the list below in Figure A below.

For this example we will vertically highlight all of the surnames.

  • Place your cursor at the beginning of the word Surname.
  • Hold down [Alt] key and click and drag the mouse over all the text in Surname column, highlighting all the surnames, see Figure B below.
  • Then release the [Alt] key first and then the mouse button.


Once the text is highlighted you can format the text or delete it.

You can vertically select text anywhere on a page – Have a go!.

Note: The “[Alt] + mouse click/drag” may open the Word Research pane. When vertically selecting text, after highlighting the text ensure you release the [Alt] key before you let go of the mouse button.

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