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Word Tip - Create Custom Bullets

To add impact to your document lists, you may wish to create a custom bullet to display in your company colours, or use a different symbol or use a picture.

To create your own bullet style

  • Create a simple list of items (all at one level).
  • Select the entire list.
  • Click the down arrow on the Bullet icon, to show predefined bullets and the bullet menu:
  • Choose Define New Bullet… to open the dialog box below:
  • Click the Symbol… button, choose an appropriate font and symbol to use as the bullet character (the Wingdings font family is most commonly used, it has a wide variety of symbols to choose from).
  • Click the Picture… button, you can choose a picture from Word ClipArt, from your computer, or from the internet.
    Bullets are generally small in size, so be aware when using pictures, they may not show as expected.
  • Click the Font… button, to change the bullet’s character font size and colour.
  • Under Alignment, choose from left, centred or right.
  • Click OK to return to the list.
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