Publisher Tip - Cropping Pictures

Cropping is the process of chopping off the edge of a picture. It can be used to focus on part of a picture, or to neaten the edges of a messy scanned image.

We will use Microsoft PowerPoint in this example, however the following can also be done within Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

  • Within Microsoft PowerPoint, select the picture that you wish to crop:


  • Click the Format tab on the Ribbon and then click the Crop icon:


  • Edge markers will then appear around the image:


  • Hover over one of the edge markers on the selected picture. Your cursor should change shape to match the edge marker.
  • Drag in towards the centre of the picture and watch how part of the picture disappears.
    • To crop one side, drag the centre cropping handle on that side inward.
    • Corner markers crop two sides at once. Markers on the sides, crop just that side.
    • To crop equally on two sides at the same time, press and hold CTRL while you drag the centre cropping handle on either side inward.
    • To crop equally on all four sides at the same time, press and hold CTRL while you drag a corner cropping handle inward.
  • If you have cropped too much, drag back in the opposite direction.
  • When you have finished cropping, either press ESC or click back on the Crop icon to turn off.

Note: Cropping pictures does not reduce the file size of the image however, the Compress Picture option can be used for this.

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