PowerPoint Tip – Trimming Videos

If you have a great video you would like to play during your presentation but only require part of it to be shown, PowerPoint has a great feature to trim the video down..

Here’s how it is done:

  • Within your PowerPoint slide, select the video you wish to trim
  • On the Playback tab of the ribbon, click Trim Video

Note: If the Trim Video button is missing you are unable to trim your video.

  • You’ll be able to press Play and view the time code as you watch the video
  • To trim the video, drag the green Start bar to where you’d like the video to start and the red Stop bar to where you’d like it to end
  • You could alternatively, type the start time and end time in the corresponding boxes
  • Click OK when you have finished

Your video is now trimmed – easy when you know how!

Audio files can also be trimmed in the same way.

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