PowerPoint Tip - Reusing Slides

On occasions you may wish to reuse PowerPoint slides from an existing presentation. Using the 'reuse slides' feature allows you to copy multiple slides and control whether to use the source slide formatting or the formatting in the current presentation...

  • Switch to Slide Sorter view.
  • Display the slide that will precede the slide you want to insert.
  • Click the New Slide icon on the Home tab and select Reuse Slides

  • The Reuse Slides task pane will be displayed:

  • Use the Browse button to find and select the file you wish to copy a slide from
  • A copy of each slide will be displayed
  • Select the slide or slides to be copied by clicking on to them
  • To copy an entire presentation, right-click on one of the slides and select Insert All
  • Click Keep Source Formatting to keep the original formatting of the slide(s)


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