PowerPoint Tip - Fast Duplication without using CTRL + PASTE

When you are creating a flow diagram or an organisational chart in PowerPoint you might use Copy & Paste to create multiple shapes of the same size, but you could use a PowerPoint feature called Duplicate.  Duplicate will not only copy the shape size and format, but it also copies the alignment and spacing between the first and second shape that you draw.  This feature will give you consistent shapes that are spaced regularly quickly and easily…

  • In a slide, draw your first shape, for example, a rectangle


  • Keep the shape selected and press CTRL D to Duplicate the shape



  • The new shape will appear over the first shape.


  • In one mouse movement, move the new shape to its position:

  • Then press Duplicate CTRL D again and again!

  • Repeat CTRL D until you have all your shapes lined up!  The same spacing and alignment will be applied between the shapes


  • You an also group together several shapes and then duplicate them and their spacing. Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key and click on each shape to select them.  Right Click on one of the shapes and select Group then Group again:


  • Press CTRL D to duplicate the group of shapes


  • Move the new line of shapes down in one movement and then press CTRL D as many times as you like to duplicate the shapes again and again.  The same spacing should be applied when the group of shapes is duplicated:

So you can see that not only does Duplicate copy and paste the shapes all in one go, but it can also give you consistent spacing and alignment in your PowerPoint diagrams.

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