PowerPoint Tip - Launch into Slideshow Mode

When starting a presentation in a meeting, it can take a while to locate and launch your slideshow. Did you know that you can change the format in which you save your presentations so that they launch into the Slideshow view instantly…

Save your completed presentation as a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx file) rather than a PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx file).  When you click on a PowerPoint Show file, instead of PowerPoint opening, the show begins in full screen mode, so you can get started on your presentation immediately.

  • Create your presentation in the normal way, then once completed select File, Save As…


  • Navigate within the folder structure to where you want to save the file to
  • Enter a name for the file in File name: box
  • Select the Save as type: drop down box, and choose the PowerPoint Show *.ppsx, then click on Save:


  • To open a PowerPoint Show, locate the file using Windows Explorer and double click on the file to run the presentation immediately without the need to open PowerPoint itself


  • Once the show has reached the last slide it just finishes. You can also attach a .ppsx file to an email to send the show to others and when they double click the attachment, the show launches automatically and the recipient doesn’t even have to have PowerPoint on their computer or device to view it!

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