PowerPoint Tip - Zoom into a Slide During a Presentation

When you are presenting information on a slide, you may wish to highlight an area of importance or draw everyone’s attention to data on the slide.  This can be achieved by zooming into a specific area of the slide using PowerPoint Presenter View.

Turn on Presenter View and start the slide show

  1. Open your presentation within PowerPoint.
  2. Click the Slide Show tab from the ribbon.
  3. Select the Use Presentation View option from the Monitors group:
  4. Start the Slide Show by choosing to start From Beginning or From Current Slide, from the Slide Show tab.
    The Presenter View should appear. If the Presenter View (see below) is not displayed, right click and select Show Presenter View from the menu:


Zoom into the slide area

  1. In the Presenter View screen, click on the magnifying glass located underneath the main slide on the left of the screen.
    The zoom box will appear:
  2. Drag the zoom box over the area of the slide you wish to zoom in to and click.
  3. Whilst in zoom mode you can use the hand icon to move the zoom box around the slide.
  4. Once you have finished using zoom mode, click the magnifying glass again to exit and return back to the original slide size.


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