Outlook Tip - Saving Sent Messages

When sending an email message, by default Outlook will save a copy of the message in the Sent Items folder. However you may prefer that the message is saved to a different folder i.e. a client folder.
Rather than having to move the email from the Sent Items once sent, here is a useful tip on how to select the folder before sending the email:

  • Before the message is sent, click the Options tab on the Ribbon:


  • Select the Save Sent Item icon:


  • Choose the folder that you would like the message saved to or click Other Folder... to locate the required folder
  • Note: once a folder has been selected for the first time, Outlook will add this to the 'Save Sent Item To' drop down list
  • Complete your email message and click Send
  • A copy of the email message will now be stored within the selected folder rather than Sent Items
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