Outlook Tip - Reply to an Email with a Meeting Request

You have opened an email in Outlook and you read the contents and realise you need to arrange a meeting with the sender, along with anyone else that’s copied in.  So, you create a new meeting request, invite all of those involved and type a long email all about the other long email you were just reading, spending precious minutes of your time doing so, right?  Well, Outlook can do the hard work for you with just a couple of clicks. 

Here’s how…

A meeting request can be created from within the email itself.  This will save you lots of time and typing.  

Anyone who is on the To line in the original message will be invited as ‘Required Attendees’, and anyone on the CC line will be invited as 'Optional Attendees'.  You can change this once the meeting request has been created.

  • Open the email so that the contents are shown fully in the window.



  • On the Message tab, within the Respond group of icons, click Meeting.


  • The meeting request opens, addressed to the sender and receiptents of the email, and anyone else that has been copied in, and the header and body of the original email message are included in the body of the meeting request.


  • Remove or add any attendees.
  • Adjust the meeting Subject, Location, Date and Time as appropriate.
  • Click Send.

You’ve saved yourself valuable time that you can now spend going through all of those other emails in the inbox…!

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