Outlook Tip - View Multiple Non-Contiguous dates in Calendar

When looking at yours or a colleague’s Calendar for all available dates, it is sometimes difficult to see dates across a range of days or weeks.  But did you know that you can select non-contiguous as well as contiguous dates in your calendar all at the same time...

  • In the example below, random dates have been selected in the Monthly Calendar and these can be seen displayed in the main Calendar window as side by side dates - the 2, 17 and 26 of May:


  • In Outlook, go to the Calendar, start by clicking on a date on the Monthly Calendar displayed to the left of the main calendar pane:


  • Hold the Ctrl key down on the keyboard and click on the next date you wish to check on the Monthly Calendar, and the second date will be displayed too:


  • For more dates to review, continue to hold the Ctrl key down and select the next date or drag over several contiguous dates side by side:


So by using the Ctrl key you can quickly select several random dates or random ranges of dates so that you can review availability side by side in your Calendar easily!

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