Outlook Tip - Jumping around Outlook with the keyboard

Did you know that you can navigate the main features of Outlook with keyboard shortcuts?  Jump quickly from your Inbox to your Calendar and Contacts…

  • In Outlook, do one of the following to jump between the various Outlook features.


  • To jump to the Inbox and Mail, press CTRL 1


  • To jump to the Calendar, press CTRL 2


  • To jump to People or Contacts, press CTRL 3


  • To jump to Tasks, press CTRL 4


  • To jump to Notes, press CTRL 5


  • To jump to All Folders, press CTRL 6


So when you have your hands already on the keyboard as you are just finishing off typing an email or a Calendar appointment, we think you will find it easier to jump around the various features of Outlook using these quick keyboard shortcuts…