Outlook Tip - Don't Panic! Recover Deleted Emails

Did you know that you can still recover emails that you have deleted, even if you have emptied the deleted items folder?  You will need to be using an Exchange account to be able to do this.

  • Go to the Deleted Items Folder and check the email that you want isn’t still located there. If not, click on the Folder tab and then select Recover Deleted Items


  • The Recover Deleted Items dialog box will appear…


  • Select the message to be recovered.  You can hold the CTRL key down to select more than one message to recover


  • Select the Restore Selected Items option and then OK
  • The emails will be recovered to the Deleted Items folder again, so remember to move them out of this folder if you wish to keep them


So don’t panic if you cannot find a message, check your Recover Deleted Items dialog box!

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