Outlook Tip - Removing AutoComplete email addresses

AutoComplete addresses are handy in addressing people that we email frequently in a new message, they help us to access our email addresses quickly, but sometimes the wrong name pops up or an old address is displayed.  This is when you may want to remove certain addresses from the list…


  • In Outlook, open a New Message or CTRL SHIFT M


  • Start to type the addressee name in the To: box, the AutoComplete feature should start to list any similar email addresses for you to choose from




  • If one of the addresses is incorrect and you wish to remove it, click on the Delete icon to the right of the name


  • Repeat for any additional names that you wish to remove from the AutoComplete feature


  • Want to delete all AutoComplete suggestions?  Go to File tab, then Options and Mail.   Scroll down to the Send messages section, then click on Empty Auto-Complete List, then OK


So there you go, now you can remove those suggested email addresses that you no longer need.

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