Outlook Tip - Changing Start up order

When we see our inbox first, we can often get distracted from our plan because we start to “Fire Fight” immediately and not concentrate on the other priorities.  So why not change this?  Start Outlook with your Calendar, so you can see the plan that you had for the day first, so existing priorities are not put off and your “To Do List” gets done!

  • Start Outlook and select the File menu


  • Then Options


  • Select the Advanced category and change the Outlook start and exit option to the Calendar by selecting the Browse button, then click on OK:


  • Restart Outlook and the first thing you will see is your Calendar. This will help you to focus on the appointments and tasks that you have already scheduled in for the day, rather than be presented with more emails that will distract you and prevent you from completing the tasks that you have already set yourself
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