Outlook Tip - Automatically forward mail to a colleague

When you are out of the office, it is easy to forget to turn on your Outlook Automatic Replies so that everyone knows you will not be able to reply immediately.  But in addition to switching this feature on, did you know that you can also set up a rule to send a copy of any incoming messages to a colleague whilst you are away...

  • In Outlook, Select the File tab


  • Then click on the Automatic Replies button


  • Switch on Send automatic replies and type a message for the reply on both the Inside My Organization and the Outside My Organization message boxes:


  • Click on the Rules… button next


  • Click on the Add Rule… button:


  • Tick the Forward box, then enter the name of your colleague to receive the emails whilst you are out of the office in the To… box:


  • Click on several OK buttons to finish. You will see a confirmation that the Automatic Replies is on


  • Exit Outlook to start this feature

 So setting up a colleague as a delegate to receive copies of your emails whilst you are out of the office, helps to ensure that no important email is missed within your organisation, it means that it can be dealt with quickly and professionally.

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