Outlook Tip- Automatically colour code emails as they arrive

These days we all receive so many emails every day it can be difficult to sort out the ones that you need to action from the ones that are just for your information!  Try Conditional Formatting to make certain emails stand out in your Inbox.  You could see the messages from your Manager or important contacts instantly, because they appear in a different colour or font...


In the Outlook Inbox, click on the View tab, then View Settings:


  • In View Settings, select Conditional Formatting, then OK


  • Click on the Add button to add a new Conditional Formatting rule


  • Type a Name: for the rule


  • Select the Font… button and choose some text formatting, such as a different text colour and/or Bold or Italic formatting. Then click on OK


  • Then click on the Condition... button


  • Select the Filter Criteria. In this example, we will filter out all the emails sent directly and only to you:


  • Click on OK three times to finish! Any emails that were sent only to you will change colour


  • Repeat this process of creating new conditional rules. For example, you could colour in or embolden the messages from your manager by adding their name to the From: box:



Follow these steps to quickly identify key messages in the long list of emails that arrive in your inbox and prioritise which to read first to save you precious time.

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