Outlook Tip - Remind me! What is our meeting about?

Have you created or received a meeting invite with no details about the meeting agenda or what will be discussed at the meeting?  This can lead to being under prepared and a chance of losing valuable agenda time with key people.

Read more to find out how to add additional information to a meeting invite (this will also work for adding more information to appointment invites). 

Create a meeting invite in the usual way from the Calendar menu, or open an existing meeting invite.

There are 2 options to insert additional information into a meeting invite, Attach File or Outlook item.

Attach File

This will attach a file within the meeting invite from your recently used files, from your computer, or network drive.

Click the drop down arrow on the Attached file to view more file options.


Outlook Item

You can choose to add an Outlook item (Email, Task, Contact or Calendar Appointment) to the meeting as an attachment or show just the text from the item. 

Select the item you wish to add to the meeting invite, then choose to add the item as an Attachment or as Text only and click OK. 

Save the invite and your additional information will be stored with your invite as a reminder.

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