Outlook Tip - Let’s do the Quick Step…

Outlook is a fairly ‘user-friendly’ piece of software in that most tasks are pretty quick and automated.  However, a nice new feature that was introduced in Outlook 2010 allows us to apply multiple actions at the same time with our email messages making it even more effective.  It’s called Quick Steps.  Let’s take a look…

Let’s say for example you often move messages to a particular folder, or forward messages to a colleague or contact group.  Quick steps can record these steps so that you only need to click one button once you’ve selected an email.  You can customise a gallery of default Quick Steps or create your own one.

Modifying the default Quick Steps

The Quick Step templates you can customise include moving to a folder, forwarding to a manager, sending a team e-mail, moving a message to a specified mail folder and marking it complete and read, opening a reply to a selected message and then deleting the original and creating a new quick step.

  • On the Home tab, in the Quick Steps group, click the More arrow at the side of the Quick Steps box

  • Click Manage Quick Steps

  • In the Quick step box, select the quick step that you want to change and then click Edit


  • Change or add the action that you want Quick Steps to perform for you and add a keyboard shortcut if you want to
  • Click OK

Creating a blank Quick Step

  • On the Home tab, in the Quick Steps group, click the Create New icon

  • Type a name for the Quick step and choose an action from the drop down list
  • Add any other actions required by clicking the Add Action button
  • Click Finish

If you want to rearrange how your Quick steps appear, use the Move icons within the Manage Quick Steps box

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