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Tip – What’s new in Office 2013?

So, Office 2013 is now out, available as either the desktop software or as part of the Office 365 subscription.  So, what’s new?  Well, the answer to that is… lots!  To get you started, here’s three new features.

SkyDrive Integration

Do you use SkyDrive?  Well, Office 2013 is designed to integrate with the cloud, via SkyDrive and SharePoint, making it easy to work with your files from anywhere.  The SkyDrive account details show in the top corner of the screen within each application (and the Start screen of Windows 8).  Watch out, because when you save your file the default save location is the SkyDrive account so remember to change it to the local disk if you need to.

Work with PDFs?

This is a nifty feature… in Word you can now open PDF files and edit them within the application.  They can then be saved as either a PDF or Word document meaning that you no longer need specialist software.  But remember, you can only edit them if there are no security restrictions set within the PDF document…

Excel Charts

Spend ages trying to decide on what chart would be the best to use for your data?  Well, Excel 2013 now looks at the data selected and offers a recommended chart for you, leaving you free to customise and edit as appropriate.  And, even editing is easier too – small icons appear outside the top right corner when the chart is selected, offering access to chart elements you may wish to modify.

Let us know what new features you find useful, and we’ll publish the top 10!


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