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Tip - Working the Ribbons with the Keyboard

The mouse is having one of those days... it's not working well or, even worse, someone has pinched it !   Moving between the ribbons in Office and selecting the smaller icons can be tricky.  So, why not use the keyboard to navigate the ribbons instead? 

This works in all of the Office applications for versions 2007 onwards.
When you press the Alt key on the keyboard, small badges appear under each of the ribbon tabs and on the Quick Access toolbar,  and within each badge you will see a letter.

Pressing this letter on the keyboard will activate that ribbon.  When activated, all of the icons in the ribbons show a badge which contains one or two letters.

Pressing these letters on the keyboard will action the command. If the command then gives you more than one option (for example, selecting Orientation from the Page Setup Ribbon in Word or Excel offers you a choice of Portrait or Landscape), you can move between the options by pressing the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard and then pressing Enter.
To turn off the Ribbon badges, press the Alt key or Escape on the keyboard.

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