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Office Tip - Customising the Office 2010 Ribbon

Do you sometimes find it difficult to locate particular icons on the Office 2010 ribbons? There are so many icons, some of which you don't need or use, and the one you're looking for can easily be lost in the crowd.

Wouldn't it be easier if the icons you never use would disappear, or that your favourite icons were located on their own special ribbon?
Well, it's possible!  On the File tab, select Options, then select 'Customise Ribbon'

The column on the right shows the ribbons available.  Those with the tick are the ribbons that are seen at the top of the Office screen.  To add or remove a ribbon, click the Check box next to the ribbon name.

To add icons to a ribbon, select the command from the left column, select the location you want to send it to on the right, then click the Add button in the middle column.  Note that the icons within the left column are only the most Popular Commands.  Click the drop down arrow above the list and you will be able to select All Commands - this displays hundreds of icons for you to choose from.

To remove an icon from a ribbon, select the command from within a group on the right hand side, then click the Remove button in the middle column.

And, to create a new ribbon, select 'New Tab' at the bottom of the screen, name it, add a new group to the tab and then you're ready to start adding icons to your very own ribbon.

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