Excel Tip - Transpose – Swap your data arrangement around

If your data is not arranged the way you would like it, you can use the Transpose feature to swap data from displaying down a column to being arranged over rows or vice versa...

  • In this example, the column headings in columns B-F “North, East, South, West Region and Total” have been rotated to display down the rows in rows 10-14.


  • And the column A headings of PC Sales, Laptop Sales etc, can also be moved to swap the report around.

  • Start by selecting the headings that you wish to move or Transpose, then press CTRL+C to In our example, we selected B2 to F2 - the Region headings:


  • Click in an empty single cell where you wish to relocate the headings and then select the Home tab, followed by the Paste tool, then the Transpose tool


  • Repeat Copy, Paste, Transpose for any other data that needs to be moved and rotated


The Transpose feature will really save you time and energy in having to retype headings when you have to rearrange the data on your worksheets.











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