Excel Tip - Sparklines

Have you ever wanted to monitor the rise and falls of your data graphically, but don’t want to include a full graph on your worksheet? In Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016 you can create tiny charts in cells using the Sparklines feature...


  • Place your cursor at the position for the chart, for example, at the end of the data to be plotted, like the example above
  • Select the Insert tab, then Sparklines

  • Select the Data Range cells and the Location Range will be pre-populated with the cell you started in. Click OK
  • Fill the Sparkline down with the Auto Fill handle:

  • You can choose from a Line, Column or a Win/Loss chart type and format them with the Design tab
  • To remove Sparklines, select the cells and then right click, select Sparklines, then Clear Selected Sparklines or on the Design tab, select Clear – Clear Selected Sparklines

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