Excel Tip - Show and Hide Formulas in Cells

This is a real time saver if you are using someone else's spreadsheet and you want to see the formula behind the cell content.  Instead of clicking into each cell and viewing the formula in the formula bar, you can use a shortcut key or menu command to show and hide formulas on the worksheet.

To display formulas instead of results in the cell, you can use a shortcut key or a menu command

A shortcut key lets you toggle between Excel's normal display, which shows the results of the formulas in the spreadsheet, and a display mode that shows the actual formulas.

Shortcut key

To use the shortcut: Hold down the Ctrl key and press the corresponding key.

  •  To show the formulas instead of the values, press Ctrl + `¬¦ (grave accent/not/broken pipe key)
    (The grave accent/not/broken pipe key is below the Esc key and above the Tab key on the left side of the keyboard)
  • To hide the formulas and show the values in cells, repeat the shortcut Ctrl + `¬¦

Menu command

  • Click on the Formulas tab on the ribbon bar.
  • Select the Show Formulas icon to view the formulas in cells.
  • To view the values again, click the Show Formulas icon and the values will reappear.
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