Excel Tip - Quick Table Shortcut

One of the most powerful features in Excel is to convert a range of data into a Table. You can create a table via the Home tab or via the Data tab but there is also a quick keyboard method, which is a lot faster...

  • A table will provide more advanced functionality for a range of data, which will mean that you can work more effectively.  This feature provides ways of sorting, it also helps by extending the data range automatically when you add a new row, formatting styles can be applied to design a smart, professional looking report and this formatting is also applied automatically to new data as it is added, keeping your data looking consistently styled.
  • Firstly, you must arrange your data in a list format, like the example below:


  • Start by typing a heading row detailing the data type to be listed in each row beneath, in our example above, the headings are Month, Description, Sales


  • Enter row by row the data underneath each heading until the list is complete


  • Click in the data on a single cell


  • The quick keyboard way to create a table from the data is to press CTRL T


  • The data in the list will be selected and the ranged will appear automatically in the Create Table The My table has headers will be ticked which will define the first row in the data as a heading area, which will then not be included in any sorting or filtering:


  • Select OK to create the table


  • The data will be defined as a table with Table Styles applied and Filter drop down arrows on each of the column headings:


  • The Design tab will be displayed when you click on the data and can be used to modify the data


  • By using this feature, when you click in a new row, the row will automatically be formatted to match the current table design:


  • Select the heading down arrows to Sort and/or Filter your data, then OK:


  • So when working with lists of data, convert them to a Table to provide you with more features for analysing the data in the list.
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