Excel Tip - Quick Charts

Did you know that instead of using the Insert Chart ribbon, there are two keyboard shortcuts for fast chart creation?  You can use F11 to create a full page sized chart or ALT F1 to create a chart within your worksheet...

  • Open a sheet that contains data that can be plotted as a chart, or type up this example on a new sheet


  • Select the headings and the data to be plotted. In our example, we will select A2:C14


  • Press ALT F1 and a chart will be inserted in the worksheet


  • Press F11 and a new Chart tab will be inserted to the left of the worksheet tab:


  • Click on the Chart1 tab to go to the Chart. This chart will print out as a full page chart:


  • So there you go, two quick keyboard ways to create charts based on your data in Excel!
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