Excel Tip - Format Equal Column Widths

Sometimes you want to quickly format all the columns in your data into equal widths.  You can do this by selecting all the columns and altering just one column to the preferred width and this will change all the other selected columns:



  • Start by selecting the columns to be changed. In our example above we selected Column B to Column F.


  • You will see your mouse change to a Down arrow when you are hovering over the column headings, click and drag across the Column letters to select the headings to be altered.


  • Once all the columns are selected, move you mouse over the dividing line between the columns. The mouse pointer will change to a left and right facing arrow.  In the example below, we hovered over the line between Columns B and C.


  • Drag the column to the preferred width and all the columns selected will change to the same width.


  • You can also Double Click on the dividing line between the columns to automatically Best Fit the columns to the minimum size required by the data in the columns.


  • An alternative way to change the widths of your columns is to use the Format – Column Width command.


  • Type a Column Width and then OK.

By making all your columns widths equal, the appearance of your data in Excel can be better presented and consistently formatted.

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