Excel Tip - Customising the Quick Access Toolbar

Speed up your formulae creation and add the calculation symbols (= / * + – ) to your Quick Access Toolbar. This will act as a memory aid if you only create formulae infrequently, as the symbols are always on display...


  • The Quick Access Toolbar is in the top, left hand corner of Microsoft Excel:

  • Select the down arrow at the end of the toolbar, then More Commands:

  • Under the 'Choose commands from:' list, change Popular Commands to All Commands:


  • Click on any item in the list and type the letter ”e”, this will move the list down, scroll further down to find the “=” Equal Sign, then click on Add, this will add the command into the right hand box:

  • Repeat for :
    /   Division Sign
    *  Multiplication Sign
    +  Plus Sign
    -   Minus Sign
  • Then click on OK to finish.  The toolbar will now display the calculation symbols and you can click on them with your mouse when creating formulae in the future:




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