"Personal, friendly and very beneficial with small tips, quick parts and also the bigger tasks to learn. Great overall covering many different areas."

"Very friendly, great team work buzz. Lots of topics covered in one day, topics that are very variable helping in more than one area. Very beneficial!"

“Alex was absolutely brilliant. I’d love to attend another of her courses. Informative and confidence boosting”

“She was very helpful and was able to give more one on one support as there was only two of us. She was easy to understand and very attentive. Useful to understand that you should get straight to the point and to shorten sentences rather than provide a lot of unnecessary details.” 
“Great trainer, easy to follow slides.”

“Very knowledgeable and approachable. Adapted the training to suit my work environment. Found out what I wanted to learn and we covered those topics. Great to get the basics of letter/ report writing.” 
“Alex explained well and was very helpful with handy tips Very helpful” 
“Very helpful and patient. Covered all personal objectives. Very helpful, a good refresh and way to pick up shortcuts you wouldn't know.”

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“Alex is really knowledgeable and will make sure you understand by taking you through examples. She is very easy to ask questions too and never makes you feel stupid. She is a real ambassador for your company. Thank you. This is the second course I have had with Alex, and she is an excellent trainer covering everything I wanted to learn as one 2 one.” 
“Great, easy to listen to and understand. Patient and understanding of individual needs. Very productive”

“It was a good course and has given more knowledge and information.” 
“Very pleasant, easy to understand and very approachable. Enjoyable”

“Trainer was excellent and very helpful explaining things so they were understood whether this was due to only being a small class I don’t know but all in all the trainer was very good with explaining everything and showing how to do things. Very enlightening and worth going on the course would need more training on things that were not covered.” 
“Really good and it a different way of learning”

“Very good Informative and very useful” 
“Laura was the perfect trainer for this group of trainees. Helpful, approachable and easy going which suits our business. Well delivered and adapted to the trainees” 
"Very productive, descripted well, comfortable, well presented by the trainer”

“Very clear in her instruction and patient as there were different levels of ability on the team. Easy to approach and ask questions. No questions went unanswered. Great for brushing up on self-taught techniques and showing easier, simpler ways of doing things as well as handy shortcuts which can save time”

“Very impressed with the training that I have received from TrainingU. Alison had no problems in answering any questions asked. A very helpful course with lots of useful tips”

“Alison is excellent at noticing when you have missed something and is quickly able to get you back on track with the rest of the course. It teaches you about all the functions within Word at the foundation level, it’s amazing how many functions are available it’s just going to be about remembering them all”

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“Laura was very approachable, tailored the session to our needs and offered helpful hints and tips :) Covered a lot of things that you wouldn't know were there if you haven't been shown.”