"Alex was amazing - Very personable and a great trainer. She made the course very relevant and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her / this course / TrainingU to my colleagues. The whole day was easy to understand and very useful”

“Laura was very friendly and helpful. Assisted with any queries we had and made the course enjoyable. The course teaches you very useful techniques that you weren't aware were possible in PowerPoint”

“Laura was very thorough and easy to understand. She kept it very interesting and made me feel comfortable if I didn't understand something. The course was very informative and interesting. I had no idea that PowerPoint could do so many things!”

“Very helpful, friendly and patient trainer. Listened to us and was able to answer all the questions we had. Really useful and interesting course”

“Really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful trainer. The course was perfectly paced and professionally delivered - very enjoyable!”

“Dee was very patient and calm. Very well articulated and will be very valuable to reducing my work time! Dee was great!”

“Excellent, highly knowledgeable, helpful and friendly trainer. The course was fantastic – I learnt far more than I was expecting”

“Great, clear, easy explanations - willing to answer and address individual questions. The course had great content and pace and was informative and interesting”

“Very friendly and laid back trainer, who was supportive and flexible enough to assist with our questions and any advice we needed”

“Fun, engaging, approachable, efficient, would definitely recommend. Really good course, engaging and informative, Alex was brilliant”

“Excellent, friendly, personable and tailored to each individual needs really excellent”

“Alex made things very easy to understand - very considerate of what we wanted to get out of the course and made sure we were all OK with the content. Has raised my presentation skills to a whole new level”

“Excellent and accommodating to whole group. Informative course which brings to life something I use on a weekly basis. I will be able to make my presentations far more professional”

“Very informative and not so technical that you couldn’t understand. Very patient and approachable trainer. Very good course for people who have an understanding of PowerPoint but don't know how to use all of its functions”

“Very informative, there was lots of time to ask questions and get help with help where needed”

“Alex gave very clear instructions. Most helpful and expressed great patience to ensure all attendees were at the same level. Alex was very approachable on asking questions and the entire course was informative / well-structured and easy to follow”

“Very useful especially as it happened to be a one to one. It gave me ideas on how to be more effective and efficient”

“Very helpful. Easy to understand. Learnt a lot. Great fun” 
“Dee as always is excellent in everything he facilitates. Thanks. A must for anybody facilitating presentations” 
“Dee was very helpful and approachable, listened and had a good sense of humour. Would definitely recommend him and the course. Excellent”
“Great for people who use PowerPoint and have a basic knowledge and want to further their skills” 
“Alex was fantastic!! She is so calm, clear & has really helped me today. Fantastic, it's really helped me grow my confidence.”
“Great rapport and brought all the group on at the same pace, really friendly and helpful. I have learnt some great new skills to use with PowerPoint” 
“Excellent, very approachable and happy to spend individual time with everyone. Would definitely attend another course with this trainer. Excellent” 
“Alex was amazing, working at right pace. Also answered all questions, the course had been really good and enjoyed the day. Fantastic day - learnt really useful tips.”

“Worthwhile and enjoyable. Has given me confidence should i be asked to update a presentation"
“Dee was a great teacher, very calm and helpful. A new challenge to me, learnt quite a lot just need to put into practice.” 
“Dee makes everyone feel very welcome and is very supportive. Very interesting”
“Very useful and direct. Really good that we had small group so almost one to one training”