“Useful for anyone who uses PowerPoint, even if you have a basic knowledge of how to use it"

"All information was made relevant to what I would do in the work place. Sally listened to what I wanted to get out of the training and made sure I had achieved these objectives by the end of the day."


“Dee is a great trainer, very patient. This course will give you all the knowledge you need to use PowerPoint to a really high standard, I’m amazed what you can do with it.”

“Very efficient and clear delivery. Found out about individual experience and needs of each candidate and adapted the presentation accordingly. A full-on day's learning but it was fun too. A very hands-on training day - the experience of which will prove very useful in future.” 
Clear and understanding with a nice approach which was at the right pace for us all. Enjoyable, interesting and very useful”

“The course was a good foundation as I do not use the software very often.” 

 “I found the course very useful, I already use PowerPoint frequently and there was a few tools I knew I was not using correctly, the training has now given me the knowledge and confidence to use the tools more efficiently and to the best of their use.”

“Callum Stevenson was simply excellent, took the time to understand our specific requirements at the outset. Used one of our existing presentations to show where increased knowledge would benefit us and addressed each item with examples to improve our present. Simply top class"
“Adapted training to our needs completely. Invaluable to me as speaker/trainer allowing me to interact more with my audience.”

"This is the third time Dee has trained me and he was as pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable as ever. Dee takes his time and never makes you feel stupid if you get something wrong or don't understand anything. He is extremely patient. Didn't feel embarrassed to ask questions or for help."
“Very informative and helpful Very educational and interesting”

“Very helpful, lots of short cuts to stuff that I already knew. Will make it much easier to move around and update someone else's presentation if required.”

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“Good pace to keep us on our toes but very supportive when failed to keep up or understand something. Explained well - based on understanding we had a good grasp. Really good.”

“Very approachable and able to deal with people individually Insightful and learnt an awful lot - very useful indeed”

“Alex was great, thank you. Excellent course, really feel I've come away with improvements and new abilities.” 
“Excellent presentation and very professional presentation Excellent course for foundation skills, which will benefit myself and team in daily duties”

“It was actually Melissa Bone who was our trainer today and she was very very good and approachable. Very helpful and friendly very informative and well presented” 

“Dee is approachable, friendly and knowledgeable about this subject. I would definitely recommend his training. It was a big help to me professionally”

“Excellent - friendly and very helpful trainer. Great course, I would recommend highly!"

“Dee was very friendly and approachable and very helpful. I really enjoyed this Microsoft PowerPoint course”

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"Alex was amazing - Very personable and a great trainer. She made the course very relevant and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her / this course / TrainingU to my colleagues. The whole day was easy to understand and very useful”

“Laura was very friendly and helpful. Assisted with any queries we had and made the course enjoyable. The course teaches you very useful techniques that you weren't aware were possible in PowerPoint”

“Laura was very thorough and easy to understand. She kept it very interesting and made me feel comfortable if I didn't understand something. The course was very informative and interesting. I had no idea that PowerPoint could do so many things!”

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“Thoroughly enjoyed Carolynne's presentation - pace of learning was appropriate for all and the content maintained interest and provided a consistent approach for all”

“Excellent in depth overview of PowerPoint from a knowledgeable trainer”


"Dee was very helpful, understood and explained in detail all aspects of the questions asked. Overall the training was excellent"

"It was a pleasure to meet Lynn. She had a calm persona which made it very easy for me to ask for her assistance when I ran into difficulties."

"Dee had to put up with a lot as I was a novice and he had a lot of patience with me. Was a good course."

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“Excellent and very clear Informative. Didn’t know Microsoft PowerPoint could do so much”

“Excellent - extremely friendly and very professional trainer, Alison obviously knew exactly what she was talking about and was able to help us with all our queries. Enjoyable Microsoft PowerPoint course, very helpful in my job and makes me want to go off and set up some presentations!”

“Very happy with how well Allison delivered the training. She was very friendly and helpful. Thank you. Very helpful for someone wanting to learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint."

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"Excellent course for foundation skills, which will benefit myself and team in daily duties"

"Extremely proffessional and very patient, felt like a one on one. Would definately recommend. Well structured course which ensures that the pace incorporates the ability of the delegates and not the trainer"

"Excellent training, felt at ease asking questions, if I ever do any other office training I would like to choose Alex. Would reccomend the course to anyone, Alex was very knowledgable and helpful"

"Some excellent hints and tips for making more professional powerpoint presentations"

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"This course will give you all the knowlege you need to use PowerPoint to a really high standard, I'm amazed what you can do with it."

“Excellent presenter. Very well spoken and kept audience interested. Very good especially for beginners and intermediate” 
“Extremely useful. Tailored to my needs. Will help me during the course of my work” 
“Really easy to work with, very knowledgeable. Very useful, making things easy” 

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“Excellent, was able to answer all my questions very informative and personable. Very informative has left me wanting to go away and trial out all my new tools for my job.”