“Superb facilitation and excellent communication skills. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop. High five to Laura, super job. Absolutely first class” 
“My trainer was very knowledgeable and went through every part of the course in substantial detail. She took her time to answer any questions we had and was open to building other training requirements into her session. The team asked plenty of questions. Very useful and will aid me in my day to day job making tasks and pulling data much simpler”
“Very engaging - easy to follow the instructions. Kept everyone at the same stage - no one left behind."

“Really helpful, taught at a very good pace and made sure everyone was up to speed before moving on. I thought this course was excellent, I learnt a lot more than I was expecting to and also enjoyed it a lot more than usual training courses. Overall, very pleased!”

“Alex was very helpful and considerate when explaining something that wasn't quite understood. She was very knowledgeable about the subject and approachable when needing to ask a question. Very informative and have learnt more than I expected. Have gained confidence in using Excel and putting the skills into practice within my job role. Once I have put these things into practice, will book onto the advanced course”  
“Really excellent, good pace, very clear articulation of each topic and taking us through the exercises step by step, knew the course and the software so thoroughly did not need to refer to any notes/handouts, could answer any and all queries we had. Brill. Went above my expectations - pretty much all content was relevant and helpful to me even though I do not work in a specifically data driven role”
“Alex was brilliant. Any question we had she answered straight away and allowed enough time for us to ask any additional questions I wish I had gone on it sooner for some of the tricks that took me hours to figure out on my own”
“I thought that the course was very helpful, the trainer was clear and concise throughout. She was patient with everyone. I have learnt everything that I was not sure on before and moving forward I will feel a lot more confident when using Microsoft Excel” 
“Great character and very knowledgeable individual. Very good trainer and makes delegates feel at ease. Great course covering some amazing aspects of Excel. I will highly recommend to colleagues”
“Good in terms of knowledge but I think the tempo could have been better and engagement and control of how the day went. Well delivered and tailored to our needs” 
“Presentation was very accurate and understandable. All my questions were answered. Very polite. Very interesting, gave me a good knowledge of Spreadsheet development and design” 
“A very good pace to keep everyone interested. A very relaxed and calm tone of voice, easy listening. Professional. I think all in all the course was great, even though there were elements that I already knew, it's great to recap & cover the basics properly” 
“Very professional and personable - made time for everyone It provided me with answers to niggles that I had, even though I do have a basic understand of the program. Lots of helpful hints and tips”
“Good pace to incorporate everyone’s understanding Very useful course to build my confidence in using Excel. Looking forward to using my new skills and the next course” 

“Very simple... She couldn’t have been any better!! It is great to really help you navigate through Excel. In one day it feels you have achieved a lot” 
“Thanks Alex for enjoyable course. Will look forward to the next course and putting Excel in to practice. Enjoyable, easy to learn and very helpful” 

“Trainer was very good, understanding and able to help when needed. Continued to check our understanding and fulfilled my objective. Great learning experience and excellent trainer” 

“Dee is welcoming intelligent man, who's approach to learning and teaching was embraced by the group. The course gives you an insight on can be done on Excel and how much scope there is for improvement in my work at present” 
“Great course with jacki again, she is enthusiastic and energetic which makes the learning fun!"