Virgin Care Services Ltd

“Concise, informative and such an improvement on 2003 currently using” 
“The trainer was very relaxed and informal but maintained good control and engagement with the trainees. I really enjoyed this course” 
“Friendly, helpful, completely happy to answer all our questions. Very patient. Informative and fascinating!”

“Very friendly and very helpful, had time for everyone, never rushed anyone. Helped a lot with the short cuts which will be time saving”  

“Very clear and offers a good explanation and understanding of Excel Very interesting and helpful in the process of everyday usage of Excel” 
“Informative, filled in the gaps of self-taught Excel. Hope to put it into practice within the work environment” 
“Extremely patient, very knowledgeable, very polite & friendly. Made everyone feel at ease and helped anyone who struggled/made errors. Very enjoyable. Learnt lots of new functions/revisited some that I knew but had forgotten”