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“Alex has been a great help! Very good presentation at an easy pace to follow with clear instructions and advice where needed. Informative and a good way to develop new skills / brush up on old ones”

“Penny was fantastic, very knowledgeable and had time for everyone, the course was also very enjoyable and did not drag. An excellent course for day to day users of Excel”

“Trainer was excellent, Dee is one of the best trainers I have ever had. Very good course”

“This was fun training, trainer had a good sense of humour but was very good at teaching us new things It was very good”

“Excellent communications with the group and put everyone at ease from the start. The course was delivered at a nice pace and will be very helpful with my further development”

“Friendly trainer, who was helpful and easy to understand”

“Alex, our trainer was very approachable and helpful. Good training I now need to equate this to my actual work”

“Very helpful and approachable trainer. Well-structured course”

“Alex was very nice, polite and friendly and we all enjoyed the course. It will be very useful as I put this into practice”

“Very professional, made it very easy to absorb information & understand. Very informative”

“Great trainer, great course and a very relaxed yet professional atmosphere”

“Penny made it easy to learn. Very good course, I learnt a lot”

“Penny was very helpful and approachable. Easy to ask questions. Good, very helpful”