McGinley Human Resources Ltd

“Dee was a great trainer. Very approachable and helpful. I thought this course was highly useful. As the HR Assistant I have been the main contact in organising the training and I will be telling all the staff it is compulsory next time round and for the next sessions coming up.”

“I feel as though the course was well planned, Dee was very good at giving individual support when confused on topics. Didn't tell you the answer, but pointed you in the right direction. Very patient!! Brilliant teacher. Very good, lots of knowledge, diverse information”

“Learnt a lot & the course was done at a steady pace making it easier to that the information in. Dee is very patient & explains Excel very well. Easy learning course, the basic have been explained very well & the examples that we had to complete helped in getting used to Excel.”

“Sue was great and answered all queries with straight forward answers and processes. Very useful and knowledgeable” 
“Dee was excellent and explained everything very clearly, meeting individual needs. Educational, Excellent” 
“Really easy to learn from, great knowledge of the software and explained everything in a really good way to make it easy to understand. Really helpful and a great way to learn the system. I really benefitted from the course” 
“Very helpful and very accommodating of any questions Very helpful and excellently delivered”
“Excellent made things very easy to understand. I feel this course has really helped to understand Excel and will be very useful for me in my everyday work” 
“Dee was a cracking guy, easy going and understood everything he went through. For anyone who needs Excel training, do this one.” 
“Really well paced and explained in a clear way this will help so much in the future” 
“Fantastic trainer. Really helpful and understanding. Course was absolutely fantastic and after trying new tactics would like to go for the advanced” 
  “Very good delivery and very well explained in areas that I had either previously not used, or was not confident in the usage of."
“Very calm and interpersonal which helps a lot when taking part in the lesson. Very knowledgeable and friendly, couldn't expect anything more. Steady, informative, useful and comprehensive. I'm going away feeling very whizzy!” 
“Very knowledgeable Trainer. No question phased him, overall very impressive. Informative, useful and insightful” 
“Comprehensive and covered all the key topics expected and more.”