John Sisk & Son Ltd

“Our trainer was great, and managed to keep a steady pace through a group of varying experience using Excel. Although I was fairly advanced in comparison to many others on the course, I still learnt a lot and was given opportunities to go slightly ahead. The course was great and very helpful. I'm looking forward to my Advanced course :). I would recommend this course to everyone, even if they do not use Excel very much as there are a lot of things that can be useful to everyone.” 
“Spoke very knowledgably of course, I enjoyed it very much and found it useful. This course will be very helpful as I use Excel every day, thoroughly enjoyed the experience looking forward to using the skills I’ve learnt today, hopefully will be able to undertake the advanced course soon.” 
“Very clear instructions, patient and very enthusiastic about the topic. A good refresher for me, and introduction of some better/easier ways of using and producing files”

“Alex, is very knowledgeable and relays the information well. Interesting, enjoyable” 
“Very helpful and easily understood. Very helpful techniques learned today that can increase productivity” 
“Alex was a great trainer. I couldn't fault her approach to the course and she was very professional. Very interesting and helpful.”
“Well paced and very worthwhile. Greatly improved my understanding of the software and how to get the best out of it.” 
“It made me get a clearer understanding and further knowledge of using Excel” 
“Very professional, knew her stuff - looking forward to using new knowledge. Very informative, much easier to take on board when on a one to one basis” 

“She was very willing to help and answer to all of my queries. Interesting and useful” 
“Good trainer, course was well delivered. Use full tips on short cut keys. I built on my current Excel knowledge and learnt many new functions.”