Excel VBA

“Paul was wonderful!! The course was very interactive and informative. I liked it very much. Paul was very knowledgeable and taught other related topics that weren’t part of the course but were appropriate for use as well”

“Paul was amazing! This VBA course was a great use of my time, I've learned so much and am excited about using what I've learned to speed up future processes”

“Was very methodical and helped me develop my knowledge of writing macros and understanding the code more. Lots of resources which will be very useful to look back on and do some further research on. Very useful for basic macro writing and understanding VBA. Overall it was very useful”

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“Paul was fabulous and made things easy to understand through tailoring the training content so it was relevant to us and we could then see clear opportunities where we will use what we learnt. Very useful and just what we needed”

“Great trainer. It is always difficult to keep a happy medium going with different levels of expertise and learning styles presented by delegates. On reflection - I will have a better idea in a few weeks when I have had time to practise what I have learnt”

“Challenging but interesting and hope to use this in my day to day tasks to build confidence”

“Paul has a gift for training! Started from basics but never bored me, learning new things as we went on”

“Like the Trainer said you are not going to learn French in a day”

“Too short. But very helpful in getting to grips with the basics. I would probably need another 2 days to be fully confident with using Excel VBA and I will definitely be booking the next level course”

“Very useful, quite in depth and will take practice to make the skills perfect”

“Interesting learning about VBA programming”

“A lot to take in and understand - can prove handy”

“Very clear, concise and answered questions readily. Was able to answer most queries with ease and presented some alternatives too. Seemed very knowledgeable and the course was interesting, useful and practical”

“He had an extensive knowledge of Excel VBA, was very professional, friendly and approachable. Very interesting and informative course”

“Decent guy, fully recommend. Very useful especially if user has basic prior knowledge”

“Very pleasant and experienced guy, tried to keep us all moving at the same pace (considering our different abilities and understanding). Was polite and friendly throughout. Concise and comprehensive, well designed course”

“Very affable, approachable and knowledgeable trainer. Very useful for those who do a lot of data inputting or database entry type functions”

“Good course for introduction to VBA and macros. A few tricks make the course even more interesting; like how to make plots”

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“Very nice guy, always very helpful and set a good pace. Very helpful VBA course”