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“I thought the course was extremely clear and informative. It covered many areas I was lacking the knowledge in and has made me want to learn more.” 
“Very interesting and helpful. Alexandra made it a great experience.” 
“Excellent. It was fun and engaging and very informative. It was a very good introduction into Excel and I feel like I would like to know more about Excel and it seems a very interesting software.”

“Very clearly explanation of every function of Excel I have learn a lot and I found it very helpful”
“Alex was patient and kind and helpful and it was very much appreciated learning at the right pace!” 

“Great refresher course for me. Good to expand my formula knowledge - especially Countif / Hllokup etc. As a result I’m quicker at finding the info I need and more accomplished.” 
“I really enjoyed her training, she is very very good! Really helpful”
“Brilliant trainer. Made complicated things seem very simple. Helpful. Right level” 
“Very useful and well-paced. Also great flexibility so that we covered everything extra we needed.”
“Alex Amos was friendly and taught me skills at a level that made me feel comfortable. Worth going on - would recommend to everyone” 
“Very good, insightful at a good pace. Picked up a lot of new useful tricks and short cuts”
“Second course with Alex. Really like that she keeps the pace up while people are being challenged and doesn't lose them. Really good. I need to start to put in to immediate practice.” 
“Clear precise and very patient. Extremely professional. Excitement & Challenged” 
“Alex thanks for a great training day. Great and very helpful” 
“Good refresher, plus useful tools to help save time” 
“Thorough, explanative and very useful”