"All information was made relevant to what I would do in the work place. Sally listened to what I wanted to get out of the training and made sure I had achieved these objectives by the end of the day."


"This course has a clear focus and help me with my daily excel skills and I believe it will definitely improve my work."

“Great refresher course for people who wants to get a bit more out of PowerPoint” 
“Very thorough and helpful. Thorough, clear and very useful” 
“It was intimate and flexible and adapted to our needs. Very good.” 

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"Really insightful course, with lots of practical tips. It was excellent to try out the techniques on the day and to critique each others' presentations - it really made the lessons stick!"

"There was a lot of content, but it was all incredibly useful and practical.  I am also looking forward to applying this in real life as I know it will help me.  I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it"

"I learnt a lot about making my presentations more effective by thinking about relevant content, objectives and messages"

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"This programme helped me to understand levels of stress we get in and how to deal with it. Overall very happy with this programme and will try to use it in life."

“Susan did a great job tailoring the course to our specific needs.” 
“Useful, interactive, well structured”

"Very well presented, Very well communicated. Easy to understand. Very informative. Useful on daily work.” 
“Very knowledgeable and patient to listen and answer the queries. Very useful and learnt new skills, hope to receive all in soft for practice and future use.”

 “Had been very helpful in explaining things again if we had missed out or not able to use certain formula. Excellent way to learn excel in very simple way”


“I thought the course was extremely clear and informative. It covered many areas I was lacking the knowledge in and has made me want to learn more.” 
“Very interesting and helpful. Alexandra made it a great experience.” 
“Excellent. It was fun and engaging and very informative. It was a very good introduction into Excel and I feel like I would like to know more about Excel and it seems a very interesting software.”

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