The Skills Partnership

“The information I learnt from attending this course will certainly be beneficial when I am using excel in the future. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have used what I learnt and definitely found this course beneficial”

“Susan was excellent at delivering the foundation level training to the group. All content, exercises and delivery were well suited to the intended foundation level - great for new users to Microsoft Excel. I learned some shortcuts and had some time to spend working in Excel which was greatly appreciated”

“Susan definitely knew Excel inside out and I personally learnt a lot of easier ways to carry out tasks that will save time, the day was not rushed and we covered all the aims and objectives. I definitely learnt new and easier ways to carry out daily tasks, by talking to TrainingU and changing the aims for day 2, more time was spent on the areas that we needed and this course has met our organisational needs”

“Susan was so patient, she took on board all comments from the first training session which reduced the pace slightly. I found day 2 much more interesting than day 1 as I felt more challenged and felt as though I learnt more information. I appreciate the effort that went into organising this course. Overall, the course was developing, interesting and challenging! Thoroughly enjoyed the learning process, especially on day 2."

“Susan ensured we all completed the tasks before moving onto the next task. The foundation course covered a lot of key areas in Microsoft Excel and was a good starting point as a refresher to go onto the next level”

“Susan was very helpful and understanding and above all patient. The course was very in depth!"

“Excellent. I wanted to discuss with the group afterwards why that would have been a grade 1 lesson! Excellent”

“This course contained a range of basic but extremely useful teaching topics which has given me a much greater insight in to how I can use excel in my daily life more effectively”

“Although some of the stuff I already knew, it was good to refresh my memory on the basic things, I did learn a few new things and even how to do things in a quicker way than how I was doing them before”

“The trainer had catered well for a large range of abilities which helped me and I got there in the end. I was able to practice the skills I needed”