Olive Communications

“Denise was very helpful and approachable. Very helpful and informative” 
“Trainer was really good, level was aimed at everyone and everyone was included and not left behind. I personally felt very comfortable with Denise and the day/training flew by. I couldn't fault the training and would recommend it to anyone of any excel level and ability”
“Opened my eyes. Not had to touch on any excel since school level. Teacher was great and had a great manner with us. Thought it would be difficult as there was people in the room that were more advanced. However jumping in the deep end so to speak was great”

“Excellent for a novice and good reminder for those with experience” 
“Very polite and very helpful - very well explained. Well explained and Professional”
“She was very helpful and went at a slow pace for us. I enjoyed the training and learned a lot quick & very helpful”

“Friendly and very helpful. Simple to follow and set at our own pace, with detail to show each step” 
“She was very relaxed, she was also very helpful with the whole group. Went through everything at a steady pace :) Knowledgeable, helpful” 
“Fantastic presentation style. Easy going, well-paced, explained fantastically well when asked to repeat. Helpful to cover anything in further detail if required. Really well-paced, put together programme to deliver intermediate knowledge to learners”